The research at the institute is guided by the respective interests of those working here, but some major projects may be mentioned as constant features. These include the publication of the Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte der Babenberger, the Urkundenbuch des Burgenlandes and the diplomas of the German kings and emperors of the Middle Ages under the auspices of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica; editing volumes of the Regesta Imperii in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences; and the edition of the Registers of Pope Innocent III together with the Historisches Institut beim Österreichischen Kulturforum in Rom/Istituto storico presso il Forum austriaco di cultura in Roma. The Regesta Habsburgica project has resumed after a break of several decades, and two additional volumes have since appeared. In cooperation with the Central Bavarian State Archive and the Bavarian State Library, the Freising Manuscripts are currently undergoing fresh analysis. A History of Austria is meanwhile available in 10 volumes with 5 supplementary volumes. In addition, work is being done on an edition of the  The Learned Correspondence of the Brothers Pez, for which Thomas Wallnig has won the prestigious START prize.



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