Masters degree programme in Auxiliary Sciences and Archival Studies

In cooperation with the University of Vienna, the institute runs the masters degree programme in “Auxiliary Sciences and Archival Studies”. The students receive an in-depth education in auxiliary historical sciences of mediaeval and modern times. Besides a joint basic degree programme, students specialise in one of the two alternative obligatory module groups: "historical research" or " archival studies and media archives". The degree programme takes five semesters (150 ECTSP).
Subjects in the basic degree course and the module group "historical research" include, among others: palaeography of the middle ages and the modern period, diplomatics and the study of administrative records, codicology, constitutional history, studies of primary sources, and introductory courses in archival science and museum studies.
Subjects in the module group "archival studies and media archives" include, among others: archival appraisal, archiving technology and management, legal questions, media analysis, digitalisation and public relations of archives.

For curriculum will you finde here.

This training gives the students increased competence in scientific editing and publishing of historical sources, from parchment documents to digital recording, both on the basis of tried and trusted traditions as well as innovative methods. It qualifies students both for academic careers and for working in archives and museums in a wide range of fields, from classical historical archives to digital media archives; it is designed to give its graduates the means to position themselves within the occupational field of “history”. Besides the history of Austria, Europe is the reference frame of the programme. The teaching staff are members of the institute, university lecturers, and professionals working in archives, media archives and libraries, who guarantee the link to professional practice.

Entry requirements:

  • Completed bachelor degree programme in history (in Austria or abroad) or equivalent qualification
  • Admission to the University of Vienna:

Preparatory courses in source and archival studies as well as practical courses to consolidate the necessary language skills (Latin, Middle High German and Early Modern German, modern scholarly languages) are offered as part of an optional module in the bachelor degree programme for history at the University of Vienna, always in the summer semester only (30 ECTSP).

Fees: students from EU/EEA countries are exempted from university fees. The homepage of the University of Vienna provides information about the fees for other students of the University of Vienna as well as the fee for the Students’ Union (Hochschülerschaft).
Registration: as well as applying to be admitted to the degree programme via the admissions office (Referat Studienzulassung) of the University of Vienna, it is recommended that students register at the Austrian Institute of Historical Research itself.
A short induction for new students takes place at the beginning of each winter semester and will be announced in time.