Declaration of Consent - Address Database Administration

Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld
Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld

agree, that the University of Vienna is allowed to collect, store and process the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Private address
  • Employer address
  • Telephon/Mobile/Faxnumber
  • E-mail address
  • Study data
  • Date/Place of birth
  • Membership number
  • Employment information

for the following purposes: Address Database Administration of the Institute of Austrian Historical Research

Personal data will be deleted when the purpose of data processing is achieved and there is no fur-ther legal retention period.

You can find a general Data Protection Declaration here. Please take note of it.

I hereby declare that I have been informed about the controller’s obligations to inform (right to in-formation/adjustment/erasure etc.) in accordance with Art. 12–21 GDPR and that I have taken note of them.

I understand that my consent to the collection, processing and usage of my personal data is freely given. I can withdraw my consent to the future usage of my data informally at any time without any adverse effects.

I can address my notice of withdrawal to:

Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1
1010 Wien
E-Mail: thomas.winkelbauer@univie.ac.at

In case of withdrawal, the University of Vienna and any third persons will delete my personal data upon receipt of the withdrawal notice.

Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld
Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld
Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld
Dies ist ein Pflichtfeld
After hitting the submit button a mail will be send to the address provided. Please confirm your mail address and your data with the link inside.

After your confirmation the Declaration of Consent and the Data Protection Declaration will be send to you.